2023 Solutions Theater Schedule

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Tuesday, May 16th

5:55 Opportunity Available

6:30 Opportunity Available

Wednesday, May 17th

9:40 You Can’t be Serious Biotech and Ignore Engineering… Data Management for Modern Bioinformatics

Piotr Radkowski, Executive Director of Technology, Ardigen

2:00 How Are You Capturing Your Data - A Solution For Live Cell Imaging

Mike Moody, VP Software Engineering, Thrive Bioscience

4:45 Exploring Hypotheses and Refining Insights: How Knowledge Graphs are Transforming Clinical Development

Berenice Wulbrecht, VP, Solution Enablement, ONTOFORCE
Carl Latham, VP, Sales, ONTOFORCE

ONTOFORCE will showcase the benefits of KGs by delving into a compelling use case with 1 of the top 10 pharma companies. Using our cutting-edge DISQOVER platform, the pharma giant has consolidated disparate clinical trial data from various sources and integrated it into a single KG, maintaining a semantic structure with an abstracted model for user navigability.

Thursday, May 18th

9:35 Building Blocks for Data Driven Smart Factories

Gopinath Suresh, Solution Architect, Cloud and Data Services, Bahwan CyberTek, Inc

10:00 A Bioinformatics Powerhouse to Advance Drug Development

Maarten Braspenning, SVP, Bioinformatics, and Data Science

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Data Platforms and Storage Infrastructure